Red Wings vs Stars Recap 1.17.2012

Good road win by Detroit. Dallas was banged up and Detroit took advantage of a bounce or two to get the extra point.

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Conklin with the win. Seems that he starts slow and then picks his play up as the game goes on. Not saying that he’s completely out of the dog house, but a win is a win. Honestly, if not for Dallas being allowed to score with broken sticks, the Wings win in regulation and Conklin only gets beat once.

The game itself was kind of boring. Not much really happened until 12 minutes left in the third. Until then, Bachman was able to see almost every shot he faced. Then the Wings put a bunch more pressure on him and he was forced to make some big saves. He’s a good goalie. Then again, you could tell that was his first NHL shootout. He bit hard on every deke and could easily have been scored on all three times.


According to the box score, Detroit got a bunch of power plays tonight. However, two were under 20 seconds, so they never got to setup.

Good to see Holmstrom score a goal and not have to look to the ref to see if it counts. If they disallowed a slapshot from the slot, he’d probably retire on the spot.

Dallas did well on the faceoffs. Whether that was them being good, us being bad, or them cheating, I have no idea. Seems refs toss guys at random, so while I know what the rules say, I don’t know why Hank gets thrown out so much. Seems he doesn’t either, so I don’t feel bad.

Anyone forced to listen to the Dallas announcers? Luckily, I did not, but I usually do. They’re pretty terrible and according to the wingingit twitter feed, they were on par tonight.

NOHS Three Stars of the Game:

First Star: Hudler. Fluke goal in the second tied the game, but he scored that after coming back from a pretty big hit. He’s a tough customer.

Second Star: Ericsson/Commodore. They really are a good pair. Commie brings out the best in Ericsson. Not sure if Commodore whispers sweet nothings in his ear to calm him down, but whatever it is, it’s working I would like to see Commie/Kindl one day. We’ll see.

Third Star: Ty Conklin. He did well in the shootout and battled back after giving up 2 goals in the first. Like I said, he’s not out of the dog house, but if he can find a way to win more than he loses, he’ll make me happy. (Obviously)

NOHS Favorite Moment of the Game: The Hudler shootout goal. I want to believe there was a story behind him trying that shot. Like, him trying it in practice, scoring and then Hank saying he’d never do it in a game. Something like that.

Next game is Thursday against Phoenix. Puck drops at 9:00 EST in Detroit’s alternate home rink.