Red Wings vs Islanders Recap 1.10.2012

The Red Wings were uninspired tonight, so the recap will reflect that.


Didn’t seem like many of the Wings had any speed tonight. Helm did a bit and Miller, too, but that’s not enough.

Conklin was hung out to dry. That ticks me off more than anything because he just got some of that confidence back. Now he’s getting lit up by the Islanders. Way to go, boys.

Quite a few empty nets missed tonight. Hopefully we get all of our snake biting done in one night.

No 3 stars tonight.

NOHS Favorite Moment of the Night: Besides the game ending? The timeout by New York and Babcock’s sarcastic applause was funny. I’m guessing (hoping) that he’s taking that out on the team right now.

Quick Rant: I wanted us to win this game against Nabby so badly because of stupid, idiot, moron Garth Snow stealing him for no reason. Istead, Nabokov plays well and gets the win and Snow gets the last laugh. Or does he? To help wash away some of that bad taste we all have, here’s a little reminder of why I think Snow took Nabokov in the first place:

Next game is Thursday against the Coyotes. It’s in Detroit. Can you believe it? Puck drops at 7:30 EST. (You get that, Red Wings? You start at 7:30 PM!)