Red Wings vs Coyotes Recap 2.6.2012

The Wings connect once on the PP, but ultimately fall 3-1 to the Coyotes. Red Wings also gave up a shorty and a PP goal of their own. As Bo Schembechler would say, “Special! Teams! Killed us!”

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Joey MacDonald deserved better, in my biased opinion. He didn’t give up any bad goals, but other than that, there was no difference between him starting and Conklin starting in that the team played poor in front of him. Yet again the guys tried to win with one goal in front of the backup. Not going to happen.

The Wings continue to lose to non-playoff teams. Montreal, Edmonton and now Phoenix. Losing to non-playoff teams isn’t an issue in the playoffs, but getting home ice throughout is hard to do when you lose to trash teams.

Detroit had a terrible time gaining control of the puck when dumping it in. Mike Smith is a pain to play against because he just sends it right back in your face. A few soft dumps into the corners would have helped. Or just let your magician carry it in. Didn’t do either enough.

Watching MacDonald play, I can’t help but wonder why he’s in the AHL. Not only is he a better option than Conklin right now, he has to be better than a lot of other team’s backups. I’m glad he stuck it out with us one more year and that no one else saw his ability, but he shouldn’t be in Grand Rapids.

Detroit could not buy a break early on. Puck bouncing over sticks for no reason, guys falling at the worst possible time and wide open nets missed. I think Phoenix put sand on the floor of the Wings’ tunnel or something.

Shane Doan is a tool. He commits a penalty on almost every shift, then whines like a Crosby when he finally gets caught. I hope he never wins the cup. Or a series. He deserves neither.

The marathon of road games is over. We’ve got a nice little home stand coming and our rivals will be heading out on their own road trips. This is a great opportunity to bury the Central and all of the Western Conference. But will the guys score some goals while Howard rests? We’ll see.

No three stars tonight, other than to once again mention that MacDonald played great out there.

NOHS Favorite Moment of the Game: After video showed Pavel Datsyuk’s stick was held and not noticed by the refs, Edzo says, “If the ref doesn’t call it, it’s not a penalty.” Oh, you pathetic tool bag. I despise you more now than before. Irony usually makes me laugh, but I really hate that guy.