Red Wings vs Canadiens Recap 1.25.2012

Not a good effort by the Wings tonight. Rather than recap the game and dwell on a bunch of sorrow, I’m going to discuss why I think this happened.

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The Wings have played a ton of games on the road so far. Way more than the teams they’re competing with for playoffs position. With the long weekend coming up, I just think they were ready to get back home and spend time with family. Couple that with Montreal actually playing a great hockey game and you get a blowout. It happens.

Now, some people on twitter jokingly asked if this is what hockey will be like when Lidstrom retires in 2149. If there are any of you out there actually wondering that, the answer is no. Not at all. However, this is what hockey will always look like when the team doesn’t show up. Lidstrom was dressed last year when the Blues scored 10 on us. It’s not a lack of a superstar, it’s a lack of effort.

As for the game, anything negative that I would write would be unfair because that simply was not the Detroit Red Wings on the ice. Good for Hudler putting 2 in the net and denying Price the shutout.

The rest will do the boys some good. Next game is Tuesday in Calgary. Puck drops at 9:00 EST.

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