Red Wings vs Blues Recap 12.31.11

That’s how Detroit hockey is played, an all around amazing effort from top to bottom.

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Thought the game seemed to be played on a tilt, the shots on goal were dead even ant 31 a piece. Jimmy Howard was spectacular, robbing St. Louis of any quality chance they got.

How about Abdelkader? Goals in two straight games, the 3rd line just keeps on clicking even without Helm.

Nyquist looked good in his minimal time, there seems to be some solid chemistry between him and Emmerton. Andersson was there, I guess.

Franzen gets a beauty of a goal, and for all that say Franzen doesn’t work hard, he sure looked determined on that goal using his best Datsyuk impression. The Mule scores in bunches, so lets hope this is him heating up to knock in a hatty vs Chicago on the 8th.

Hudler just keeps racking up the points without anyone really taking note, that goal last night makes it 16 points (7G, 9A) in the last 20 games, 23 total on the season. Still want to trade him? I don’t.

Back to Jimmy. If this guy doesn’t win the Vezina trophy this season I would be shocked, he is playing possessed. I don’t know if its the new contract, the new baby, pride or just the need to shut everybody up, it’s working. I’d say it’s probably a little bit of everything, Jimmy is on a mission, and it’s one that can only end with his name being engraved on the cup.

Commodore and Ericsson are starting to look good, showing the depth Detroit has with the perfectly capable Kindl sitting in the press box. Commie dropping the gloves is just the thing I’ve been waiting to see, its was pretty evenly matched blow for blow, between him and Burt teams might think twice before taking a run at one of our stars.

NOHS Favorite Moment of the Night: Jimmy Howard’s save on Matt D’Agostini in the first. It set the tone for the entire night and showed all the naysayers why Jimmy is THE best in the NHL.

Next game is Tuesday. Wings at Stars – 8 pm on FSD and Versus for all the out of town fans. Who knows, maybe Hulkadore will show up…