Red Wings vs Amateurs Recap 1.8.2012

3 goals down? Too many. 2 goals down? No problem!

Full recap after you jump:

Another slow start. Not that Chicago’s goals were so great, but we let them happen with bad plays. I think it’s dumb, but it is a penalty 100% of the time a stick is broken on a slash. (OK, it’s supposed to be a penalty 100% of the time, but you know what I mean.) Soft clearing attempts off the middle that are intercepted by goal scorers make me sad.

Kane was covering Datsyuk on the last goal, but drifted away after Pavel’s shot. So why was Pavel so open? Because Kane played lazy. Not first time.


So yeah, another penalty shot against. Holmstrom used his hand to pull the puck away from the goal line, but did he cover the puck? Maybe. Did Seabrook on a similar play? Oh yes. I’m shocked, SHOCKED that Chicago got a penalty shot and we didn’t.

Chicago sucks.

Joel. Quenneville. What a bum. If he would take a moment to stop crying about calls and just tell his guys to “cover Datsyuk!” or “don’t slash guys because you’re mad!” then Chicago wouldn’t suck. But they do and part of it is his fault. Which brings me to this:

Caption Contest!

Your reward for winning will be the knowledge that you made me and everyone else laugh heartily.

Lots of blocked shots by Detroit and lots of hits. Part of that is the result of not having the puck enough, but puck possession is worth 0 goals, so good job by our guys to fight to give it back. This is also the first game I’ve seen since October 8 that the Red Wings played hard in front of Conklin. We give him hell, but not many backups can win games when the team quits in front of them. If they could, they wouldn’t be backups.

Hudler passed up a lot of shots tonight. I don’t know why. He just scored last night so I don’t think it’s a lack of confidence, but it’s something. Shoot, Hudler! If you read this blog (and you should) you must shoot!

Three Stars:

First Star: All six defensemen. Even Ericsson. He did fine out there, even kind of assisted on the winner. The defense blocked shots and did a good job on the odd man rushes that Chicago’s speed generated.

Second Star: Ty Conklin(!): Face it. The man played well. It looks bad early, but he kept battling. Whether he started playing well because the team woke up or the team waking up made him play well, he got the win. A solid come-from-behind road win. Nice.

Third Star: All of you who managed to listen to that game with the volume on. I couldn’t stand it, so the first 20 minutes was a muted TV and this. By the way, that song is a great alternative to their goal song, so keep it handy to block the madness.

Actual Third Star: Pav. Not his greatest game, but a great finish. He did have some sweet takeaways, too.

NOHS Favorite Moment of the Night: The last goal. Not just that it was scored by the good guys, but it went off of Leddy and he knew it. I’m not lip reader, but I think he said, “Doh!” Then Crawford freaking out that the goal counted. After all, he was being interfered with by his own player.


Don’t forget the caption contest that has no prize.

Next game is Tuesday against… (checking)… Oh God…

Puck drops at 7:00 EST.