Red Wings Recap: 4.7.2012

Detroit played well enough to win this game, but they didn’t get the breaks they needed to pull it off. The defense is playing fine, Howard is playing well and the forwards are getting good chances, but they just won’t go in the frigging net. This has been going on for about two months now. 

Detroit claimed the 5th spot and will play Nashville. Not the best outcome, but I’m interested in winning the cup, not just making a good showing and at some point, if you win the cup, you gotta play good teams.

Lots of posts hit in this game. By the Wings, I mean. Chicago didn’t hit any posts, of course.

I’m glad that the Wings proved that they can still dominate, even though they came up short. The only question I have now is if they can keep it up for the next two months.

We will see.

It’s playoff time! LGRW!