Red Wings Recap: 4.5.2012

Did I just write one of these? Whatever. Wings lost 2-1 to the Devils tonight. Seems to me they were just gassed after playing an OT game on the road against the Blues and just couldn’t finish strong. A wasted opportunity, but if they had a day off, I think this game ends differently.

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Hudler had a strong game. Late in the second period he made a great play down low where he muscled his way into position against a much bigger defenseman. A great pass to Homer, too.

Zetterberg is our next captain. I had my doubts earlier in the year, but he leads by example and played to the final buzzer.

I’m not going to look up who it is, but ref #8 pisses me off every time we get stuck with him. He’s just terrible. Every game he does something utterly stupid. This time it was just moving the faceoff outside the zone after Bert was driven into the net. He’s an idiot. I hope that at some point he realizes what a failure he is and that he stares at himself in the mirror and cries. Idiot.

I don’t know, guys. This team can dominate and this team can play like crap. Hard to imagine a team as emo as this one winning it all, but we’ll see. 20 games ago this was not even a question, so maybe it can get turned back on at any time.

Brodeur is still very good. I guess I have not watched them play much lately, so I just assumed he was old and slow. Maybe a bit, but he’s still awesome. He made a few big saves tonight.

Next game is Saturday at 1:00 EST. Wings may not be able to finish in 4th now. It is what it is. But they can still finish strong.