Red Wings Recap: 4.4.2012

Wings come back from 2-0 down with six minutes left to win in a shootout. That’s a huge two points for Detroit. And how did it all happen?

Jump to find out:

The only team that can beat Detroit is Detroit. St. Louis scored twice because of turnovers and Detroit scored twice because of great plays. Not to say that St. Louis was handed a point tonight, because they played well, too, but if Detroit plays smart for a full 60 minutes, they don’t lose.

Datsyuk can come to life at any time and when he does, he can’t be stopped. And Franzen? I love it when he gets mad. It’s April. It’s time.

The PP looked okay at times and terrible at others. Still needs work.

Howard played a great game tonight. Good positioning and quick reflexes. He also kept his cool while the Blues fans were taunting him. I don’t know how goalies do that. If I made a mistake at work and had 20,000 people taunting me, I’d give them all the finger.

Pierre seems to think that putting Bert on the top line instead of Nyquist was a good move even though those goals were all on Pav and Mule. What this means is, our coach thinks like Pierre McGuirre.

Okay, not really. Babcock is 100 times smarter than Pierre. I’m just being a jerk at this point.

Even if Detroit would have lost, that was a great road game, but to get a win out of it? Man… Give me more of that, please.

NOHS Three Stars of the Game:

First Star: Mule. He was hungry to score and even hungrier for the hat trick.

Second Star: Pav. Great passes, of course, and superb backchecking. No surprise.

Third Star: Howard. Stoned them all but twice.

NOHS Favorite Moment of the Game: Bert’s shootout goal. I think that was the fastest he has ever skated in on a shootout. Must have scared Elliot.

Next game is tomorrow against New Jersey. Red Wings, please show up on time.