Red Wings Recap: 4.15.2012

Detroit loses 3-2 and once again they get no breaks. 


I hope Mike Babcock rips the officiating again. Insult their inconsistency, mock their favoritism and make fun of their families. This league is a joke. You all do realize that each game is rigged, right? And that anytime a team rises above that rigging to win, it’s unbelievable. Nashville is playing under a different set of rules than Detroit. That’s just the way it is. So they’ll have to find a way around that. We can’t push guys from behind. They can cross-check. We can’t lift a stick. They can tackle. Still, despite all of that, Detroit had a chance in both losses. Amazing.

00.0. I have not looked myself because it will make me mad, but I hear the penalty was called at 11.8, but an extra second ticked off the clock. That’s nice.

Kronwall has not Kronwalled anyone yet.

I like our PP and our PK. Nashville finally scored on the PP, but it took Pavel not having a stick and Stuart getting pushed into Howard.

Fans at the Joe, you have GOT to be more vile. Be evil. Make the refs afraid to call penalties against Detroit. Nashville fans boo offsides calls like it’s a 5 minute boarding call and they get all kinds of favors. The “Bull @#$%!” chant needs to be loud and proud. Class on our part has us down in the series, 2-1.  

Overall, I’m bummed about the slow start, bummed about the final result and homicidal about the bad breaks, but Detroit is very much in this series. This is just like San Jose last year. Luck and refs can only take you so far. At some point, bounces switch sides and refs can only do so much. We just have to keep the series close enough to strike when that happens.