Red Wings Recap: 3.6.2012

Once again, the better team lost. Despite all the injuries, Detroit made a late push to try to tie the game, but fell short, losing 3-2 to Philly.

Full recap after the jump:

 Power Play gave up a shorty and that ended up being the GWG. And of course it was Talbot. Pretty much the worst moment of my day. Hopefully he stubs his toe tonight. Then cries.

Franzen scored and he actually did a bit of skating tonight. That’s a step in the right direction.

Joey MacDonald played well, but that first goal is on him. He and Janik both assumed the other would do something, but Joey took his eyes off of Janik and left it there. MacDonald supporters (I am one, too, btw) will say it was Janik’s fault, but playing the puck has been Joey’s one issue since joining the club. His GAA would be about .5 less if he could play the puck.

Then again, all three of Philly’s goals were the result of a bad bounce. Maybe not the last goal as that was White doing… something, but you get what I mean. Detroit was better that the Flyers, but didn’t win. Having 3 All-Stars out of your lineup will do that to you.

The Hit: This is what we all want to talk about, right? This hit was the 3 stars and the favorite moment all rolled into one huge play. Voracek grabs the puck and starts skating forward with his head down. He’s carrying it behind him and looking back at it, so Kronwall steps up and…

“He was coming up along the boards and I took a stride forward.”

 Yes, yes you did. Now, Voracek’s head took the brunt of the hit, but if he had had his head up, it would have been shoulder to chest. I hope Shanahan gets this one right, because Kronwall should be an example to the league that huge hits can still occur and they can be legal. It’s bad enough players now get rewarded for having their sticks slashed out of their hands, but now we want players to just skate with their heads down, hoping to draw a penalty? Get it right, Shanny.

The other thing I want to talk about is Clement’s outrage that the play was not stopped. I saw a few Wings fans agree with him and I am not one of them. Yes, Voracek was wrecked, but he was out of the play. I don’t want to be a monster, but if blowing the play dead as soon as someone appears to be really hurt becomes the standard, regardless of who has the puck, then what’s to stop the Sedin’s from flopping on the ice after a turnover and laying their motionless? They have no pride now. They already dive and they get away with it. What’s to stop them or anyone else from playing dead in order to get a whistle? It’s a violent game. As long as the guy isn’t in immediate danger, play on.

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Next game is Friday night against the Kings. Puck drops at 7:30 EST.