Red Wings Recap 3.28.2012

When this team is on, they are amazing. When they are off, it’s ugly. Not many good things to mention after a game like this, so I won’t bother trying.

Recap after the jump:

Conklin made no big saves tonight and the defense in front of him hung him out to dry a few times. He got beat by a bad bounce, two breakaways and a 2 on 1. I’m pissed that the 2 on 1 goal went in. The rest, whatever. He’s a very good AHL goalie, but he just looks so sloppy even when he makes a save. I want to like Ty, but he’s making it tough.

The team didn’t show up, though. Even the late third period push that was so predictable was flatter than most. Kronwall scored and they just skated away. No emotion.

Franzen has better things to do than skate hard. Good for him. I hope he finds whatever it is he’d rather be doing so he can go do it and make room for someone who cares.

Stuart and Kronwall had bad games.

Abdelkader and Cleary were also bad.

York just got the most memorable, and probably easiest, win of his career. 

Babcock rant? Babcock rant:

Are you kidding me? You call a timeout and then just stand there? Wow, that was awesome. And clearly effective. Then you take your hot young forward who has played so well to this point, drop him to the fourth line, then basically bench him in the third? For what? Skating? Trying to score? The team sucked and Babcock should chew them out, but who chews out Babcock? Because he deserves it, too.

Well, this sucks, but it only has to suck until Friday when the Wings play Nashville. Puck drops at 7:30. I keep hearing people say the game is in Nashville, but according to the schedule I’m looking at, the game is in Detroit.