Red Wings Recap 2.25.2012

A real pisser, if you watched it. For all the talk Mike Babcock gave us about finding energy and coming out with more fire, I couldn’t have been more disappointed. Perhaps it was because of this message he gave the media that I was so disappointed.

After a spirited effort by our third line and a total collapse of all other lines versus Vancouver, seems like everyone decided to say “Is this the Colorado Avalanches? F*** it.” Defense, special teams, neutral zone puck movement and work along the boards were all abysmal. Had Jim Howard been Patrick Roy this game probably would have been 7-0.

Also, Jonathan Ericsson was hurt in the game, reducing our bench and making each player step up. Whilst 1.2 Lidstroms, Stuarts, Kronners and Whites out there….I’m not yet convinced that 20% more Quincey is a good thing.

Jiri Hudler was my only bright spot tonight, other than Jimmy making some huge saves. And with an absolute venom I am going to step away from my computer before I throw it at the NHL-Network, which is telling me that St. Louis will catch us and we’ll be on the lower end of a 4/5 first round series against Nashville that will go 7 with 4 on the road and we can’t possibly rely on any more Nick Lidstrom slapshot goals from center ice to bail us out. Oh no, I may not sleep for weeks, I’m that terrified.

3 Stars of my night:

1 – Gabriel Landeskog. I know, he’s an enemy. But he’s a damn good rookie. And he’s a Swede. And he plays for CO. So we’ll be seeing him in a Winged Wheel in no time.

2 – Jiri Hudler. Dude had our only offensive power and that’s scary. I’m glad he didn’t get our third goal because a hat trick in this sort of game would be too bittersweet. He did contribute to it though.

3 – Jim Howard. Again, if not for him, this would have been really, really ugly. Some really amazing saves bailing us out of complete brain farts defensively. I will not forget, Jimmy!

Favourite Moment:

Probably Babcock’s spiel in the second intermission. His team sucked tonight, and he knew it.