Red Wings Recap 2.23.2012

I’m bitter. Howard played great and line 1c was incredible, but all the talk will be about Vancouver snapping the streak. Whatever.

Full recap after the jump:

The icing call was terrible and it cost the Wings the game. Plain and simple. Still, if the whole team had played well, it wouldn’t have mattered. Franzen seemed bored out there on the PP and the fact that he was on the ice during the last 2 minutes of the game when Vancouver would be pressing the hardest bothers me.

Detroit’s PP is bad, but a lot of people were saying it would be better if Pav was there. Really? I seem to recall Pavel Datsyuk being on the ice for a lot of the failed PP chances the last couple of months. One man will not fix this mess. However, not having Datsyuk was a problem, obviously. We could have used him in OT and certainly would have been nice in the shootout.

Luongo is garbage. Like I said, I’m bitter.

Our FNG, Kyle Quincey had a pretty good game. I could do without the penalties, but he made a lot of good plays out there and was hungry to score. Nice that he did, but just not enough.

NOHS Three Stars of the Game:

First Star: Line 1c. Miller, Helm and Abby played their butts off tonight. Not just the goals and assists, but the constant pressure. Wasn’t enough to wake up some of the sleeping stars, though. Too bad.

Second Star: Jim Howard. Faced a ton of shots and it took some luck to beat him. Unfortunate that he has picked up two straight losses despite being the better goalie on the ice both times.

Third Star: Kyle Quincey. Welcome back, Kyle. Nice goal, just lay off the penalties.

Next game is Saturday against Colorado. Should be a good game considering Quincey just left them. Puck drops at 7:00 EST.


(So bitter right now…)