Red Wings Playoff Recap: 4.11.2012

Unfortunate final score, but the good news is, the Red Wings were the better team. Better at the PP and the PK. Better 5 on 5. Classier, harder working, but not quite as lucky. “You make your own luck.” 

Bull. Crap. If that was true, Detroit wins this game by 4. That’s the thing about hockey: Occasionally, undeserving teams win. Just have to move on. It’s a long series.

Jump for the recap:

It’s possible that a team could win a series or two strictly on lucky bounces and officiating, but if that’s what it takes to ensure success, your team has not arrived. Sorry.

Special Teams was supposed to be the thing that put Nashville the top in this series. Not so in game 1. Our PK was better and we actually got two on the PP.

Babcock made a major mistake in not dressing Nyquist, but he’s my hero tonight for what he said about the officials. “These guys are trying to make it to the Stanley Cup Finals.” No kidding. Bettman was in attendance for a game the Red Wings got boned by calls? I’m stunned. Babcock will likely be fined for speaking the truth. Help soften the blow by buying his book!

Guess who won’t be suspended or fined? Well, maybe fined, but I’m sure that will really show him. That would be Shea Weber. After the horn, Weber, frustrated that Hank would consider trying to get the puck for a last second chance, punched Zetterberg in the back of the head. This was not enough though. Next, Weber, angry after a voice inside his head suggested that Hank’s penis was bigger than his own, grabbed Zetterberg’s head with both hands and slammed it into the boards. 2 for roughing.

Good friend of NOHS, @ChrissyChemist and others are hard at work getting @NHLShanahan’s attention for the Weber incident. Join them. It probably won’t make a difference in the end, but they need to know we’re not screwing around anymore. I’m not above a boycott.

Howard was great when the puck wasn’t being stupid. It’s a long series…

Apparently Micky Redmond was on fire with all those bad calls. I did not get to hear them, but I understand he made the following statement:

“The game of hockey lost tonight.”

We’ll end this recap with that.

Next game is Friday. I can’t frigging wait.