Questions Questions: We Need Your Help!

I love round-table discussions.  And as the Wings are going into the playoffs with as many question marks as they have, this is a great time for one. 

Plus, NOHS has grown enough that we have enough authors to get many different perspectives on each topic.  We have two authors who’ve played at a high level, those who grew up with the Wings and watched from near and far, those who have only recently have gotten into the sport but has shown a keen eye to what is going on, to those who have family ties to the Howe family.  And of course, I’m a stupid goalie.

What we don’t have, however, is questions.  That’s where we need your help readers.  Want to know our opinion on Conklin’s butterfly slide?  Bertuzzi’s missing teeth? Team MVP?  My strange obsession with the Hudler picture?  Send us your questions and we will answer them, round-table style, in an upcoming feature.  You can then read them, ignore them, yell at us, agree, or anything you want.  I think it’ll be fun and a good read.

Either send them to or leave them in the comments below. They can be on any hockey topic, Wings or not.

I know you guys will come up with some good stuff and I can’t wait to read them.    LGRW.

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