Pour Me Some Whiskey: Our Season is Over

It always sucks to lose the last game of the season. Losing to a team we all thought we could beat makes it worse.

There’s a drink online called the Detroit Red Wing. 6oz of Vernors and 2 shots of cinnamon schnapps. It’s… decent. But I want something stronger tonight. In the book ‘Hockey Gods’ the author mentions a drink people order in Sweden called ‘Red Wing #5’. I don’t remember the ingredients, so I’ll wing it, as any good bartender should.

1oz of vodka
another 1oz of vodka
a third oz of vodka.
pour over ice in a rocks glass.
add 5oz of Faygo Rock and Rye.

And that’s that.

What are you drinking tonight?

Mickey said it best when he said it just wasn’t in the cards. Nashville played hard and got breaks. Some of the Wings played hard and got no breaks. It happens.

Season recap is coming.