Playoff Stress and You

There’s no escaping it and we all know it. Whether Detroit wins 16 straight games or loses 4 in a row, at some point in the next two months, we will all freak out for one reason or another. A questionable hit on one of our stars, a hit post with the game tied late, a terrible call against the Wings or dives that go unpunished. We’re going to yell at our TV’s, swear at nothing and probably plan our wardrobe around the hopes of good karma.

That’s fine. I’ll be right there with you. However, there are a few things we need to consider during the next two months and there are ways to prepare ourselves for the coming pain.

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First of all, don’t forget that it’s not your spouse’s fault that Gary Bettman is a corrupt tool bag. There’s nothing that he or she can do about biased officials, biased announcers or missed calls. It’s also not your kid’s fault if Lidstrom’s shot hits the post in OT. Finally, don’t blame your dog when Ericsson gives the puck away, Lilja style.


So what do we do about it? What are we supposed to do when bad things happen to good hockey fans?

#1: Gaming. I like playing NHL12 after a tough loss. It doesn’t do jack for the standings, but it helps me. Here’s another fun thing to try: Edit the rosters of the team you’re pissed at by screwing up the speed, toughness and injury stats for the entire roster. Then play a playoff series against them. Smash Tootoo’s digital face into next season. Rinse and repeat with all other players. It’s awesome.

#7: Watch the old Stanley Cup DVD’s. In a way this is kind of pathetic. It’s like reading your old girlfirend’s letters and crying yourself to sleep, but it does help to remember happier times. You’ll also notice moments in that DVD where the Wings were not at their best, but came back to win anyways. Don’t forget, even the stacked team of 2002 didn’t sweep the Hurricanes. Also search youtube for moments like this:

#9: Unleash your anger in our comments section. We can take it and you’ll probably find that a few other people are just as mad as you are.

#10: Dart board with the face of the enemy on it.

#12: Spend some time rethinking your strategy. Obviously the combination of the 2002 Stanley Cup Champions t-shirt, the Yzerman jersey and the 2008 hat didn’t get the job done. Maybe try a different hat? No hat? Red Wings socks! That’s the ticket. Just remember, what you wear while watching the game can make the difference between #5 for #5 and an early exit. Don’t let us down…

#19: If the chips are down, think of a topic for a motivating post and tweet it to me, @Twig81. Lord knows I’ll be thinking of one…

That’s it. The playoffs are a cruel and unusual time to be a hockey fan and we love it. Every last miserable moment. Just try to keep that misery to yourselves.