Wings Playoff Matchup Flowchart

Frustrating game last night, as Twig explained so eloquently, and this leaves the Wings in the passanger seat of who we’re going to play.  I had an long essay written up of the many different sitauations which could happen, but then I saw this on Reddit and figured this is a million times easier.  So thanks to redditor, HockeyPancake and the subreddit DetroitRedWings for this one.

Hit the jump to have all the situations explained in an easy to understand flow chart (even Chris Pronger can do it!):

Click the chart for full size.

So in four of the five situations, Detroit plays Nashville.  In 3 of those 4, Detroit finishes in 5th place.  Not a favorable situation.  Still, I’m not that worried in the end.  Playoffs are a different breed than the regular season and I think this Detroit team has what it takes.