Players’ Poll – All About Datsyuk

Most people by now are willing to accept that Pavel Datsyuk is the best hockey player in the world.  Those that have been skeptics for a while, I feel, are starting to come around.  One NHL Home Ice commentator – whose name escapes me at the moment – called this year’s NHL All-Star Game “a celebration of Pavel Datsyuk”.  He was selected #1 overall in the All-Star Fantasy Draft by Zdeno Chara…he dazzled the audience in the game with moves that we get to see nearly 82 days a year (+ play-offs).

The CBC does an annual Players’ Poll where they survey players about who they think is the best (or worst) in several different categories.  This year – 257 players responded to the survey about 25 different categories.

Pavel Datsyuk was the top vote-getter in six of these categories.

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datsyuk14Pavel Datsyuk – according to 250+ of the best hockey players in the world is…

1. Smartest Player
2. Most Difficult to Play Against
3. Hardest to get Off the Puck
4. Cleanest to Play Against
5. Toughest Forward to Play Against
6. Toughest to Stop (as voted by the stupid goalies)

Anyone want to argue with any of those?  I didn’t think so.  It would appear that everyone else in the league is finally waking up and realizing just how good #13 sporting the Winged Wheel really is.

A couple of other interesting choices made mentioned by The Calgary Herald:

Most Overrated Team – Vancouver Canucks
Most Underrated Team – St. Louis Blues

We currently sit five points up of those “underrated” St. Blues, thanks to Little Brother beating them in regulation.

We head into Philly Chicago tomorrow looking to improve on our 8-1-1 record over the past 10 games.