Pavel Owns the Preds

Haven’t had a non-sensical video hype post in a while…

Have we done this segment on Nashville before? You know what? Screw it – who wouldn’t want to see Pavel “Need More Shoot” Datsyuk carving up some hockey players trapped in Music City?

Here was the latest example that happened barely a month ago:

Brings a tear to your eye doesn’t it?  Pavel telling Ryan Suter to “go get your shine box”.

Make the jump for More Shoot.

How about a steal, a snipe, and a celey?

Here’s Shea Weber and Pavel Datsyuk playing a little bit of a chess match…

…don’t play chess with a Russian.

Speaking of Shea Weber…here’s another reason he hates #13 in red:

Teammates?  Who needs teammates when you’re Pavel playing the Predators?

So tonight the team that Carrie Underwood’s husband plays for comes into town.  First round preview?  Probably.  Tonight would be a nice time to send a message that playing Game 1 of the Western Conference Quarter Finals in Detroit would be a bad thing if your name is Bubba.