Paging Val Filppula – Goals Needed In Game Four

We’ve pumped Val’s tires all year here at NOHS and it was for good reason.  After 6 years of playing pretty, he finally added a little toughness to his game.  In return, he scored a career high 66 points, blowing away his previous best of 40 points.  

I thought that having a new, powerful Val would take care of any worries we had about secondary scoring issues, but that doesn’t look to be the case.  

Johan Franzen, Valtteri Filppula, Jiri Hudler, Todd Bertuzzi and Danny Cleary have just one goal and one assist between them.

“When you look at the whole series, there’s lots of guys who’ve had trouble getting it going,” Red Wings coach Mike Babcock said. “So I don’t know if you can pick one guy.

Babcock might not be able to pick one guy, but I can.  We can survive without Hudler or Bertuzzi, but without Val scoring, Detroit doesn’t win this series. Period.  

I want to see him skate with power, quickness and the dominance that we saw all year.