12wclogoAn interesting little bit of news about yesterday’s Winter Classic.

But first – my thoughts on the game.  I usually try and watch the Winter Classic from a different perspective…such as “if I didn’t know anything about hockey, would I be enjoying this?”  Would people who usually be watching college football be flipping over the Winter Classic to see what is going on?  In the case of yesterday’s game…the answer is “no” (in my opinion).  The reason why is simple – it took too long to get exciting.  Out of the three times that the Rangers and the Flyers have squared off…I would say that this game was the least exciting for a few reasons

  • There was an awful lot of neutral zone play without much sustained pressure.
  • Few penalties (and bad ones when they were called)
  • No fights
  • Five goals total (there were 10 in the Detroit-Chicago Winter Classic)

As a Red Wings fan…I’m used to not witnessing fights or even a sense of nastiness in a hockey game.  But after watching the first two times that these teams met…I must confess myself a little disappointed.

And I’m not alone.

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The game drew the lowest television rating (2.4) for a Winter Classic game in the first five years of the event. The most-watched game was a 2009 meeting between the Chicago Blackhawks and Detroit Red Wings that drew a 2.9 rating. Last year’s game between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Washington Capitals had a 2.8 rating.

That little excerpt comes from SBN Philly.

That has to hurt if you’re a fan of either of these two teams.  The NHL thought that putting the Blue Shirts from Broadway on NBC for a national spectacle would be a home run…they were wrong.

For hockey enthusiasts such as myself…the game had a few great story lines…Mike Rupp doing a half-Jagr/half-Hitler salute…Claude Giroux continuing to impress.  A last minute penalty shot.  So what went wrong?  I’m curious to see what you guys think…