Onward and Upwards – A Perfect Poster For The Perfect Human

lidstrom14Other folks have great written write-ups giving Nick his due.  Twig’s thoughts, right below this post, is an epic write up that shares his feelings on what Nick has given him. It’s awesome.  Plus, there’s going to be a million others that do a better job at it than I could ever dream of.

But I had this vision for a tribute this morning, a different style one that fit with NOHS’ theme.  I contacted NOHS’ Art Department, aka Josh Howard, to see what he could do with it.  And as usual, he came through with flying colors.   He put together exactly what I had in mind.  And I think it’s perfect.

Hit the jump to see how we wanted to honor #5.  It’s worth it:

I think this truly is a great tribute to the man that gave us fans everything he had for the past 21 years.

A stairway to hockey heaven, the rafters of Joe Louis Arena.

Thanks for setting the bar higher than anyone else could ever dream.  As a fan, I just have to say thanks for everything Nick.


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