One To Remember… Or Not

One game at a time. Dig deep. Believe. We here these things over and over, yet they never tire. The Wings are in do or die mode tonight. One small mistake and it will be a long summer. One convincing win and the stress of playoff hockey can live on for at least a few more days. We know what they’re up against. They forced a game 7 last season after being down 3-0, can they pull out all the stops and leave nothing left in the tank? I believe they have the talent, heart and determination to win, but flip a coin.

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I will fore-go all the talk about this possibly being Lidstrom’s last game, as that only becomes relevant if the Wings do in fact $#!& the bed tonight and let an inferior team take this series from them. I don’t believe that will happen however because I know that this team has far too much pride to let their captain go out like that.

Lets go beyond that. Remember this guy?
They believed they could win for him, and there is no reason that they cant do the same for three other guys that poured their heart into the winged wheel no matter how long or how much they played.
There is enough talent and heart on this team to win this series. All they need to do is figure out how to beat Rinne, and limit their mistakes. so lets get out there and make it happen.

Gill may play tonight, whoop de do. Some rookie named Craig Smith may make his playof debut tonight, who cares? I know I don’t, and neither should you or the Wings. If the Wings are going to win tonight an 80’s all-Gretzky line wouldn’t be able to stop them.

They can’t think about the final buzzer, or game 6, or even the San Jose series from 2011. They must go out and play this game period by period. They must win every battle, every faceoff, and capitalize on their chances. They need to get to the net and bang in rebounds, they need to stay clear of Rinne’s glove and most importantly they need to win for McCrimmon, Salei, Liv, Konstantinov, Helm, the fans and themselves. Why? because we know and they know that they can.

This one isn’t over until the Hudler Choir sings
And if its superstitions you want (I have some personal ones hidden all over this post) lets go with Hulktuzzi from game 2