No News is Normal News

So I was in Costa Rica and basically internet-less for all of last week.  What good news did I miss?  None? Great.

At least when I came home, the Tigers were first in the Central Division…haven’t been able to say Detroit was 1st in the Central for quite a while.

Here’s a little bit of good news – Rick “Nasty” Nash is out of hair essentially for good – since he came into the NHL, no one has scored more goals against the Detroit Red Wings…no one.  Columbus gets a couple solid players in Dubinksy and Asinimov…but neither of them are the superstar that Nash is. 


I’ve always loved and hated Nash with Columbus…now I hope he runs rough shot on the Eastern Conferece…fare thee well.

Make the jump for more on Doan and Weber…

So Nashville ponied up the moolah to keep Shea Weber from jumping ship.  I would imagine that if Nashville had any real hockey fans, that they would be upset that Weber signed that deal…proving that captain or not…no one is really all that interested in playing hockey in Nashville, Tennessee…even if Carrie Underwood does attend a few games.  Seeing Weber bolt to Philadelphia would have been fine with me.

Do you think if it had been Sidney Crosby’s head smashed into the glass, Weber would have his $2,500 fine in a PIT/PHI play-off series?  It would be interesting to see him try.

But alas – Nashville decided to match the offer and now we’re stuck with Shea Weber and his slap shot and his WWE tactics and his horse face for another 14 years…so thank you for that, Philly.

Shane Doan is still out there.  Another player who has been a pain in Detroit’s behind for a number of years.  Rumors are swirling around about him talking to basically everybody…Montreal, Pittsburgh, Buffalo.  Here’s hoping that Detroit gets a sit down with him and Ken Holland can convince him to come on over.

It would certainly help morale around here.

As long as Doan doesn’t go to the Chicago Blackhawks…I’ll be fine pretty much where ever he goes – and happy if he comes to Detroit.

So now what?  Keith Yandle?  Rumor has it that if Shane Doan goes, so to does Keith Yandle…but would Phoenix be willing to deal Yandle to Detroit if Shane Doan comes here on his own accord?  A smart GM wouldn’t…but with Phoenix – who knows.

This slow off-season rolls on.