NHL 13 Ratings – Guess Who’s On Top

NHL 13 is right around the corner and, as someone who skipped NHL 12 (the first time I’ve skipped a year since, probably 1999), I’m excited.

This helps even more.  The initial player rankings have been leaked and one Wing is ranked higher than all the others.  You know who it is: Mr. Pavel Datsyuk who’s rated a 93.  This is good for second in the game.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with that rating, but there are a couple things that I really do have to take issue with.

Hit the jump for more and a comparison of #13 with Sid

First, stick checking a 87?   There is no one better than Datsyuk, that’s gotta be at least a 95.  Secondly, I think his balance and agility are a little too low, while his speed and slapshot probably are a bit on the high side.  And finally, I would have no problem with his checking (84) or fighting skill (70), if they weren’t both rated lower than Crosby (85 and 75 respectively). Did they see Datsyuk take out Perry and Crosby’s ball punching antics?   It’s almost as if the EA Sports was ordered from someone to make Sid the highest rated in the game…hmmm…


(Also, Crosby with a 75 durability rating?  I’d have matched this rating with Shawn Chambers’ in NHL 93.)

No other Wing was in the top five for forwards or defensemen, which, honestly makes sense. Zombie Lidstrom would certainly still get at least a 90.  But oh well, it’s still going to be fun dangling with Datsyuk all around the ice.