Nashville Fans Are Getting Cocky…

Anyone else notice this?  The usually tame bunch down south suddenly get one playoff win under their belts and now think that they’re on the way to winning the cup.

Take a look at at these fellas after Weber’s non-suspension was announced:

I can hear the Wings fans crying now. But who cares what they think? We don’t need to impress them. Who cares if they have excuses as to why they lose this series? Go Preds, end this thing in 5-Stu0624

they’re already shouting about how they have more Cups than us… what do they do when they play the Habs? -musamonster

The Preds have been here since 1998. They are an original six team. Last night some girl was asking how many Cups have the Preds won, she said zero.  I asked her how many game have the Wings won in this playoff series. -Josiah2729

They’re going bananas b/c they know they’re going to lose. And that there’s a good chance that the new darlings of the Hockey Establishment in Central will not be named “Detroit Red Wings.” -NashvillePainter

The Wings’ cycle is about to end. The Preds’ cycle is about to commence. The universe has spoken. We will win the Stanley on the back of Rinne.  -amyinsparta

On the “Wings and their many cups” topic… well I hope they have that many, they’ve been around for almost 90 years… By my count they have only won 1 cup since the Preds have been competitive, the same as the Ducks and the Canes and the Lightning… When we get our 1 cup we’ll be tied with them.. the rest are all ancient history.musamonster

Isn’t it sorta, oh I dunno, “adorable” to see these guys and girls tough talk after one game (where they were severely outshot)?  This playoff thing is so new to them.  I think they forget that there’s two months of this to go.   Well a few months for a few teams that is, most likely not Nashville. 

Enjoy it while you can, I guess.  They haven’t had much to cheer for, well, ever.