Miller’s Getting Cocky

It’s not been a secret that I’m not a fan of Miller.  I’ve never been that impressed with him and have said things like he’s replaceable, forgettable, and that his hair seems like he’s a spokeman for Just For Men, Touch of Gray.  Well, Mr. Miller’s taken that to heart this year and responded…big time.

He’s a hard worker, but not so much a grinder, and because of that, I’ve always wondered what his place was on this team.  Yet this year he’s done something that you need to do as a bottom half guy who doesn’t grind-and that’s pot every chance you get.  

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With third and fourth line ice time, he’s managed to pot 11 goals, equal to our all-star Zetterberg.  That’s more than Lidstrom, Homer, more than double Helm and equal to Cleary.

I though his time on the third line was limited, but he’s managed to find a great chemistry with Cleary and Helmer.  And all this scoring is getting him cocky, well, at least according to Helm and Cleary.  Helm stated: 

“Milsie just talks about nonsense. We can’t get him to quiet down. And when he scores, it just magnifies it times three.”  

Told of Helm’s claims, Cleary said, “I’ll second that. He’s getting a little too comfortable.”

Well if being comfortable means that he’ll continue scoring, then get right at home “Milsie” (that’s got to be the worst attempt at throwing the standard hockey “sey” at the end of a name, by the way).  And with every goal, he proves that I’m nothing more than a stupid goalie with a computer…and I’m completely alright with that. 

Miller’s Future Job As A Spokeman…

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