Live Blogging History

15 years ago today we celebrated a Stanley Cup championship for the first time since 1955. Since most of you, if not all of you, were not alive in 1955 to remember that win, this win was the first that really mattered.

But it was more than just ending the drought. It was about shutting the mouths of those who criticized our Captain. It was about killing the notion that the Wings were choke artists. It was about rewarding the loyal fans who never wavered.

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I remember going fishing with a friend in the summer of 96 and riding our bikes past a guy in his front yard. He flagged us down, which was weird, but I stopped because he seemed harmless enough. He pointed at my Red Wings hat and said “Why are you wearing that?” Not mean or anything, just curious. I told him it was because I was a Red Wings fan. Duh! He proceeded to go off about how he’d never cheer for them again because of the way they blew it this year. 62 wins and they didn’t even make it to the finals. Funny thing is, I bet that guy owned a ‘1997 Stanley Cup Champions’ shirt a mere 12 months later.

That win in 1997 was not for that guy, or anyone like him. It was for those of us that lived through the Dead Wings era. Those of us who cried along with Ozzie in 94. It was for the fans who kept wearing Red Wings gear even after the most disappointing of playoff exits. That win was ours.


Tonight at 8:00 EST, we’re going to live blog that game. Not as if it’s happening for the first time, but as a way to remember it and the way it made us feel back then. Of course, if you want to pretend you’re watching it for the first time, have at it.

Also, McCarty’s goal was scored at 13:01 of the 2nd period, which means it probably happened around 9:20 EST. Something like that. So at 9:20 EST, flood twitter with the goal call or thank D-Mac or whatever. I’d like to see him trending on twitter around that time, but that’s a long shot.

“Well Twig, that’s a fine idea and all, but how are we supposed to watch the game?”

I’m glad you asked. If you own the Red Wings ‘Celebration of Champions’ DVD box set, you own the game. If not, you can watch it here.

A new post for the LB will be put up later. If you have another way to watch the game, post it in the comments.