“Why doesn’t he retire, anyway, and give us all a break?”

That quote, brought to us via Khan(!) was straight from the mouth of Toronto Maple Leafs head coach, Ron Wilson.

Wilson has seen plenty of Lidstrom.  He saw him while coaching the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim from 1993-1996.  He saw him as his Capitals were swept by Lidstrom and the gang in 1997.  And he most certainly saw a lot of Lidas as coach of the San Jose Sharks from 2002-2008.

So he made that little comment in jest…is there any better compliment to be made by your opponents?

“Even at his age, to be able to put points up on the board … just his shooting from the point. He rarely gets his shots blocked. The little, subtle things he has in his game are great teaching tools for younger players to use him as a model.” –Ron Wilson

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lidstrom_by_pool“The Monster” Jonas Gustavsson must have seen Chris’s post which showed a topless Lidstrom…

“You can tell he’s in really good shape.  When you look at him, you’re not surprised. Of course he’s getting older, but the way he takes care of his body, he could play for a few more years.” –Jonas Gustavsson

Ron Wilson is also down for the Detroit Winter Classic in 2013…especially if Toronto is picked as their opponent.  Many beleive (myself included) that it’s time to ditch the “US Market vs US Market” platform that the Winter Classic has followed and go for something really special…like the old Norris Division rivalry that burned for many a year.

“We talked about our team, his team a little bit and the potential of an outdoor match next year, which would be really cool.” –Ron Wilson

For the first time, I agree with everything that Ron Wilson had to say in this post.