Kyle Quincey: Reflections On The First Few Weeks

Quincey was brought in to shore up the defense and give us a little more firepower as compared to Kindl.  I was initially impressed, enough so to write an article praising him

So after a couple weeks with the kid, what are your thoughts about him? 

Mine are after the break

In his 12 games with Detroit, he’s put up two goals, one assist and a negative 1 plus/minus.  However, this has to be in context that we’ve struggled and been depleted due to injury. 

So my thoughts are this: Overall, he’s been alright.  There’s clearly been a transition period after his impressive first game.   He hasn’t had a consistent partner since his arrival here and it’s shown. 

At times he’s looked dangerous and quick offensively, with crisp passes and smart rushes. I love seeing this out of him and think it could add a lot in the end.   Power play wise, he’s been an excellent addition. He’s a 100 times better than having Hudler play the point.  While that’s not saying much (I’m about 20 times better than Happy on the point) it’s still an improvement.  The numbers haven’t borne that out yet, but I think over time it will. 

Yet other times, he’s followed those positives with horrible Ericsson-like catastrophes defensively, mostly involving terrible turnovers or awful coverage.  I’ve noticed him looking lost out there in the defensive zone and that worries me.  He’s not a great or even good penalty killer in my opinion.

But in context of all that, we have to remember he’s playing at least two positions ahead of where he would be normally.  When Lidstrom and Ericsson get back, he’ll have a regular partner again and a chance to get comfortable.  I think there’s a lot of potential there, but so far, there’s been a lot of issues as well. 

Your thoughts?

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