Kings Win!…Moving On

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Kings…who can say they didn’t deserve the Cup this year?  Sure, the #2 and #3 seeds in the West were WAYYYYYY over-rated…but they still beat a solid team in Vancouver in five games and a solid team in New Jersey in the fourth and final round.  Is this year’s Stanley Cup winner – with a record of 16-4 – going to go down as one of the most dominating teams in play-off history?  Not bloody likely.

I believe that ten years from now, we’ll be looking back and using the Los Angeles Kings of 2012, and using it as the cliche example for the “you just gotta get in” when it comes to the post-season.

But enough about that…how about this?

See that guy in the white jersey in the lower right corner?  He should come to Detroit.

Make the jump to see who agrees with me.

Google is the Internet’s most visited website.

And Google thinks Zach Parise looks good in white and red…though – according to google – he should be wearing a little less black than in the photo shown above:

So if you type in “Zach Parise” in the Google search bar…you get his name.  And after his name, the second thing you get is Zach Parise to Detroit.  And when Zach Parise goes to Detroit, Zach Parise gets a contract.  And when Zach Parise gets a contract in Detroit, his girlfriend comes with him to Detroit.

The last search option not listed in this sequence of events is…

“Zach Paris to Detroit, gets contract, and NOHS Chris hits on his girlfriend…again”.

Now that the Cup Final is over…the madness of what is sure to be an interesting rest of the summer can now begin.  By all means – keep the “yay” and “nay” talk going about Ryan Suter…but Kenny’s #1 priority should be Zach Parise.

Sign the man.  Pay the man.  Chris will thank you.

Let’s get this done, shall we?