Joey Mac: A Worthy Backup

Joey Mac is 0-1-1 in his two games with the Wings, but that clearly doesn’t tell the whole story.

In both games, he’s played well, well enough to win and well enough for a back up.  He’s made the saves he should and a few he shouldn’t.  That’s all we can ask from a backup.

Hit the jump for more on the back-up position, from a fellow stupid goalie himself:

One of the biggest knocks on Joey Mac is that his foot  speed, well the lack of it.  His lack of foot speed made it seem that he is small in the net, as he was often too far back in his net.   He’s also had an issue in the past regarding an over reliance on the paddle down move, a move which inherently is immobile.

In the two games I’ve seen of him this season, he’s looked twice as fast as in the past.  He’s been much more on his toes  and playing out of the net, making himself look big.  The save on the one-timer across the net last night was a perfect example of this.  He came out, moved quickly across the crease and made himself big for the slapshot.

Now I still wouldn’t call him quick.  But slow isn’t what you’d call him either.  Plus, his flexibility and the fact that it seems that his head is screwed on straight make up for a lot of it.

Few teams are going to have a backup that’s as good as their starter.  In fact, I can only think of two backups like this (Rask and Schneider).   Unless we can get Nabokov (or someone in the skill level), I’m pro sticking with Joey Mac.