It’s Good to be Happy

There he was: One man, betrayed by Red Wings nation on more than one occasion. “What have you done for me lately?” we often ask. One man vs one goalie. One chance to be the hero. One chance to be forgiven for a crime he didn’t commit.

One chance for you to jump:

It wasn’t always like this. Remember when we were all Happy?


Timely goals in big moments.


Crushing cheap shots that would knock non-midget pimps out of a game.




Chanting “Let’s go Red Vings!”


But hey, what have you done for us lately?

With the game on his stick, and dozens of angry Texans packing heat for no reason, Hudler skated in on destiny. Hudler looked into Bachman’s eyes as he skated toward the noob goalie and saw all he needed to see. Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt.

Hudler carried the puck far to Bachman’s stick side. Bachman committed and hugged the post.

“Ah ha!” said Bachman “I have the post!”

“And I have the back of the net.” said Hudler, coolly.

“Noooooooo!” cried Bachman, like a child.

At that moment, a camera caught the image that will be forever remembered by Detroit Red Wings fans as the moment Happy Hudler came back from Russia. Russian hookers swooned. Fans cheered. Bloggers edited past posts about trading him. And our very own Josh Howard went to work on Hudler’s commemorative stamp.


In the stands, a young Peter Forsberg stood to leave. Having learned all he could, he had to get back to his time machine and return to the year 1994.

Thanks to Josh Howard for putting this together at the last minute. Also, big thanks to @apetrelak for the stamp idea.