It Won’t Be Nash

Most of us agree that the Wings need help in the top 6 forward department. Most of us agree that our priority needs to be acquiring Zach Parise. Most of us. I still hear Rick Nash’s name dropped every now and then and I don’t get why. He’s very skilled and will be an asset wherever he ends up, but at what cost?

Jump for the cost:

The Rangers seemed like the most likely home for Rick Nash last February. They wanted him and he wanted them, but it didn’t happen. Why? This is why: Brandon Dubinsky, Ryan McDonagh, Michael Del Zotto, Chris Kreider and a 2012 1st.

Now let’s break down these players and see if we can find comparable Red Wings to match these guys.

Dubinsky is a 26 year old center. His best year was 2011 when he scored 24 goals and 30 assists for 54 points. He has two 20 goal seasons, but struggled this past year only picking up 10 goals. The closest guy I can think of, numbers-wise is Cleary, but Cleary is 7 years older than Dubinsky. The Jackets are rebuilding, not reloading, so they’ll want youth. The Wings don’t have a young guy who has proven that he can be successful, but had an off-year. In 2011 that would have been Hudler, but he rebounded, so his stock went up. He was also going to be a UFA, so his trade value was non-existent.

Ryan McDonagh or Michael Del Zotto. Jackets GM Scott Howson apparently gave Glenn Sather the option of which young, outstanding defensive player he wanted to give up for Nash. How nice. McDonagh played in all 82 games this season, picking up 7 goals, 25 assists and 32 points. The season before, he split time in the AHL and showed some promise. That sounds like Brendan Smith, but without the 122 games of NHL experience and a breakout season. As for Del Zotto, at 21 years of age, he put up 10 goals, 31 assists and 41 points. That’s very similar to Ryan Suter numbers and he’s 6 years younger than Suter. If Detroit had a 21 year old defenseman in the system who scored more than .5 a point per game, would you want to see him traded away as part of a package deal to get one player? I guess our closest option here would be Ericsson, but no. Not even close.

Next we’ll look at Chris Kreider. 21 year old left wing. At the time he hadn’t played a game in the NHL yet, but ended up with 7 points in 18 playoff games. A young left wing that had no NHL experience, but a lot of upside? Does Detroit have such a guy? Yup.


As for the 2012 1st rounder, we had already given that up for Quincey.

As you can see, Detroit didn’t have the type of assets that Columbus wanted and, believe it or not, Ken Holland can’t just overrule Howson and force him to take a bad deal. Columbus is a terrible hockey team and they’re trying to build for the future. That’s why the oldest guy they asked for was younger than Nash. All of those guys were prospects that had either proven that they were the real deal or the jury was still out (Kreider). There’s no way Columbus would consider giving up Nash for one of Detroit’s failed prospects and “a couple picks.”

Also keep in mind that Howson was asking this of a non-division rival. Detroit would have had to match that deal and then some. We’re talking Franzen, Filppula, Hudler, Nyquist, Smith, Kindl, picks we don’t have and Mrazek. It won’t happen. It will never, ever happen.

“I don’t care! Make the trade, Kenny! Make the trade! I desperately want that guy who’s best season ever was barely a point per game!”

Fine. The trade has been made. Now our lines look like this:

No one-Datsyuk-Nash
No one-Hank-Bertuzzi
Bottom 6 is set still.
Kronwall-No one
Ericsson-No one
No one-White
No Future

Now, fix it. Hopefully you get Parise. Now you have to also get Semin. Sure hope he doesn’t bolt for the KHL where he might actually be treated with respect. On the blueline you have to sign at least 4 guys. Sure, Suter would fit in nicely, but can we still afford 3 more guys? Again, all of this for a guy who we believe will score 50+ goals playing with Pav.

It’s not going to happen.

But in the event that you’re still not convinced, think of it this way: Say you’re sitting around at home and you realize that you want an apple. So you go to the store and there’s one apple left at this particular store. You’re about to pick it up when you see the price. $500. You have $500 on you.

Do you or do you not buy the apple?

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