Intent To Know: The Eagle Has Landed (Carrying Suter News?)

Illitch and Chelios were scheduled to meet with Ryan Suter today. They’re set to land at DTW at 5pm.

Sheehy told on Saturday: “We (he and NHL general managers) all know each other, so there’s nothing meeting face-to-face is going to accomplish, at least initially. If Ryan is uncertain, that (meetings) could come into play.”

@AnsarKhanMLive & MLive

Looks like Suter wanted to know a little more from Detroit and Detroit provided.  Please let it be good news.  

BTW, Khan(!) reported that the initial offer was 7.5 per year for 12 years.  I’m ok with those terms.  

Update:  Want to be a huge nerd?  You can follow the flight here

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