Howie’s Healing

Tomorrow will mark the 14th day since James “Tiberius” Howard broke a finger on his right hand.

Surprisingly, it hasn’t been a horrible two weeks as some might have believed.  Since Howard’s injury, the Detroit Red Wings have posted an impressive 5-1-1 record (two of those wins coming in the shootout). 

Ty Conklin was leaned on, but quickly faltered and it was Joey MacDonald who came to the rescue.  In the five games that he has started, Joey Mac has allowed an average of 1.8 goals against and boasted an impressive 0.924 save percentage.

But Howard will come back…and it might be sooner than you think.

Make the jump to find out when.

howard_attacksThis comes to us from the Toronto Sun:

“Howie is starting against San Jose.  We’ll see what happens there. I don’t know if that means he’s starting against Nashville or not, but he’s starting sooner or later. You can only get so much holiday time during the regular season. It’s time for him to go.” –Mike Babcock

There you have it, folks – Jimmy will be back on Sunday AT THE LATEST.

Apparently, Jimmah has been seeing shots in practice for about a week now.  He’s back, folks…Jimmah is back.

So what are we going to do with Ty Conklin?