Howard Is Back To Save Us

Well despite the fact that Babbles said otherwise, we’re going to see Howard in the net tonight after Ty’s rough performance. 

“I talked to Jimmy (goaltending coach Bedard) and I talked to Piet (trainer Van Zant) and everything seems to be OK,” Babcock said. “Jimmy says he’s feeling good about himself, so obviously we’d like to get him going.”

In addition, our newest addition Kyle Quincey has gone from being the #1 defensemen on Colorado to being a healthy scratch tonight.  Replacing him will be Kindl. 

“We have seven D, we believe we really have depth,” Babcock said. “I told the D before the Columbus game we’re going to have a rotation. I wouldn’t spend a whole lot of time worrying about that. I thought Kuba’s (Kindl) been playing great his last 5-6 games, so you’ll see a different guy out the next game.”

Kuba eh?  I actually agree with this move, though I’m not sure I would have made it yet.  Quincey’s been struggling a bit out there.   I do think, however, I would have let him go a few games with Big E to get some chemistry.

Hit the jump for more on the Big Rig and the PK:

Finally, Josh pointed me to an article with a little quote from Babbles I found interesting.  To all the Big Rig haters, this might change your tune a little:

“When Big E went down, our penalty kill had been going along the previous 20 games at 87 percent. When Big E got hurt, we went down to 71.

Damn.  I’ve had some thoughts about the kill, including my dissatisfaction with Quincey and Miller being on it, but that’s an impressive stat there.  I think Big E is slowing winning his way back into the good graces of Wings fans.