How To #GetChrisOnTwitter

I’m skeptical on Twitter.  Very skeptical.  Old man Chris doesn’t get it.  But Drew, Jordan, Twig and Josh Howard (and reader DMN) insist that I join.  Hell, they started a hashtag #getchrisontwitter.  

They really want this for some reason. 

So, alright, I’ll make a deal.  I see the reason for having a Facebook page, but not a Twitter, so I’ll split the difference.  We have about 615 followers on Facebook right now.  If we get to 700 before playoffs start, I’ll join Twitter and participate as a Twitter’er like I was born to tweet. 

So now, you all have a way to #getchrisontwitter.  I know most people don’t care, but you’ll make the rest of the team’s day.  Only 85 more people have to follow us to make it happen.   Click the below picture for our page. 

Do it.  Tell you’re friends.  And their friends too.  Make Drew happy.  #getchrisontwitter.