Holy Crap – Kyle Quincey Back With The Wings

Updated x3 at 5:40 PM:  

Well isn’t this something.  Per TSN’s Bob McKenzie

Confirmed. TB trades Kyle Quincey for DET’s first round pick. 

This is only moments after he was traded to Tampa for Steve Downie.   I’m a bit stunned right now and attempting to put my thoughts together.

Hit the jump for my early thoughts on this… 

Quincey’s cap hit is $3,250,000 this season and next (Edited – he’s a RFA after this season.  Thanks to reader Matt for this.  I misread Capgeek.) That’s a pretty big hit and it certainly appears to me that Mr. Ken Holland is looking at Quincey as a replacement for Stuart next season.   He’s put up some decent numbers, but nothing spectacular: 

Second thing that comes to mind is the fact that that’s damn near the same money as Ericsson and I’d praise Jesus if Big Rig put up those numbers.  In addition, it seems that Detroit is sticking with the familiar, as usual.  

Finally, I really don’t know where he fits in now and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is another move.  A first round pick seems like a lot for someone who I just don’t see a placement in the lineup now.  

Your thoughts?  


Per St. James: Little gem here: It was Yzerman who made this happen. COL didn’t want what Det offered directly, so Yzerman (TB) got Quincey having pre-arranged what DET would give TB. Bear in mind, Wings 1st-round pick will be mid-20-to-30. 

She later explained

The Wings inquired about Quincey last week but weren’t able to reach an agreement with Avs general manager Greg Sherman. To the rescue came Yzerman: He called Holland this morning and asked whether the Wings would give up their first-round pick for Quincey. It was more than the Wings wanted to pay, but in this seller’s market, the price was better than involving any prospects.

Also from St. JamesPer Holland: Wings “are done on defense.” Will keep eyes open & ears perked for a forward.  

I’m glad to see that.   Finally, Holland said: 

“We like the addition of Quincey,” general manager Ken Holland said. “He’s a guy who can play 20 minutes a night, he can play right defense, left defense, he can play in all situations. He can man a point on the second power-play unit. We believe this makes us deeper for the playoffs, and he’s not a rental.”

Interesting…finally some complete B.S. from John Buccigross:

Interesting comments on Quincey from those that know- “big problem in the room. Bad guy. Never liked him.” Detroit must think they can deal.

I seriously doubt that Holland would bring back someone with a bad attitude.