Holland Will Be Aggressive

holland2For those of you who still had lingering fears of Mr. Ken Holland being timid about the Free Agent Pool this off-season – you can put those fears to bed.

Kenny “Tick Tock” Holland has heard our pleas for help with this team.  He heard our collective groans as we stood idly by at the trade deadline and he heard our gasps of horrors as THE greatest defenseman of all time hung up the skates for good.

He heard us and is acting accordingly.  Kenny knows that the time for change is now and he is going to pull out all the stops to make it right again.

Make the jump to see what Ken is willing to do that he has NEVER done before…

When a team knows that it cannot or will not re-sign a potential Free Agent (a la Tomas Vokoun in Pittsburgh), the team can trade away the exclusive rights to negotiate with that player before the July 1st deadline makes them a Free Agent.  Ken Holland has never ever traded for the negotiating rights for a player.  But this year is different…

“We’ll do whatever we [have] to do that makes good business sense. When the opportunity presents itself, we have to be ready.” –Ken Holland

That quote comes to us via Khan(!). So when Parise asks for more than the Devils can afford to pay – Kenny will be there.  When Suter decides that Nashville – Carrie Underwood not withstanding – is just not the place for him…Kenny will be there.

Kenny will be there.

“We went over players that may be available through trade, either from what we’ve heard through rumors or based on conversations I’ve had with other people. It’s really just a lot of preparation, so when things finally present themselves I know what our people are thinking.” –Ken Holland

This is a bit of invigorating news from our usual “cool as a cucumber” General Manager.  I know that Ken Holland and the Detroit Red Wings organ-i-zation commands Free Agency consideration on its own…but there comes a time when you can’t sit back and wait for the fish to come to you.

This summer is one of those times.

Go get ’em, Kenny.