Holland Responds: “I Got This”

Trades are happening and Detroit isn’t involved in any of them.  It’s making me and everyone else a little nervous.  I hope things Wings don’t end up looking like that guy/girl who waits too long to start looking for the right person and see only leftovers when damn near perfect girls/guys have been around them their entire life.  

JVR to Toronto.  The Monster goes to Winnipeg.  Staal to Carolina.  Shero’s showing signs that he rivals any GM in smarts and gusto and is salvating at one of our targets.  I don’t like it. You don’t like it.   But lest we forget who we have in charge – the greatest GM of our era.   He’s got some things to say: 

Holland can’t talk about players he’s targeting, but knows the franchise will be in the spotlight when free agency begins.

“Everybody looks at the Red Wings and expects big splashes,” he said. “We have a lot of pieces in place and I like our team, but we need to make two or three moves through free agency or trades.”

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You have to agree with that.  We have a great core, but have a few holes with need to be patched.  I’m glad he’s not blowing up the team.  Change is good, but blowing up what we have would only be change for change sake. 

“We’re going to be active and very involved in free agency because we have cap space and holes we’d like to fill,” Holland said. “But to be successful, you have to draft and develop guys.”

That’s the attitude we need a GM to have. Looking both short term and long term.  

“We may not have the star power we’ve had the last 10 years, but I don’t think the sky is falling for the Detroit Red Wings.”

Neither do I.  However, if we stand pat this summer or just pick up small pieces, my tune might change.  Time will tell.