Hockey Puppy! A Reader Needs Our Help!

Taken from Snipe Snipe, Dangle Dangle

All-star weekend is over and that means that our little, much needed break here at NOHS is over.  So let’s get to it, starting with a request to our readers, from a reader. 

Charlie needs our/your help.  He’s getting a puppy and he wants to name it something Red Wings based, but he doesn’t know what.  I’ll let him explain: 

I need some help. I read your guys’ site all the time and a huge Wings fan. I know you guys are super busy, but I have racked my brain for weeks to come up with a name for a dog I am getting next week. Sounds simple right, but the dog I am getting is female, chocolate lab. I have tons of names for boy dogs, but nothing good for a girl. I want to keep it Red Wing based. Best ones I have so far is Stevie, Nickie, Connie (Conn Smythe, Norris, and Pavel. My ultimate favorite is Helmer, but no means a girls name. Does it matter? Or do you guys have am idea? 

(Our comment counter is broken!  So there are comments, check em out!) Hit the jump for our and your ideas.

My first thought is that chocolate labs are awesome.  And the only thing more awesome than a chocolate lab?   A chocolate lab named after the Wings.  

Secondly, while you can’t name a girl dog “Rex” or a very manly name, a name like Helmer isn’t a problem.   

So I have a few suggestions, but I want to hear yours.  Here’s mine: 

  • ‘Tuzzi
  • Ozzie
  • Happy 
  • Kocur 
  • Probie 

Now it’s up to you to help Charlie.  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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