Highlighting the Highlights: GWG vs Some Amateurs

Seems you can’t find a story about this game without reading about Detroit having too many men on the ice. Edzo wrote about it in his diary, Kane beat up some geriatric patient and Quenneville had a single tear run down his cheek during the post game press conference. But did you know that Chicago also got away with too many men on the ice not 20 seconds later?

Jump for proof:


This is the moment in time that has Chicago sobbing their eyes out. I know it’s hard to tell, but the pass was too far for Toews to even touch, plus Franzen doesn’t touch him. He’s just there. Was it too many men, though. Yup. Yet it had nothing to do with the play. Toews was never going to get the puck to begin with. So Edzo saying that it stopped a scoring chance is just stupid. Besides, the ref is looking right at the play. You think he wouldn’t jump at the chance to call Detroit for something? Anything at all?


So, 15 seconds later and Franzen is skating through center and what’s this? 5 skaters on the ice for Chicago? And it’s actually affecting the play? Hossa is forcing Franzen to skate in a different direction while the guy Hossa replaced is still standing on the ice.


This one is really bad. Toews is still back by the blue line and Kane is jumping into the play. This time, it forces Franzen to dump the puck in rather than carry it. See the difference between a guy being on the ice early and not affecting the play vs a guy on too early and making the offense adjust strategy? Edzo? You there?


On to the goal. Pavel has it in the corner and Kane thinks he’s going to sneak up on Pavel like he’s an 80 year old cab driver. Meanwhile, Montador is angering Mule.


Dangles burns Kane. Shocker. This is where I was thinking that Pavel had to score or we lose, because Ericsson decided to be a forward and no one was able to cover for him. Kane also noticed this and cherry picked.


According to tweets sent out by the Chicago media, Crawford says that his stick was held on the last goal. The only Red Wings nearby is Franzen and he has both of his hands on his own hockey stick. If Crawford’s stick was being held, it wasn’t by a Red Wing. Just more bitter tears.


The puck is in, but the fun is just getting started. Montador takes a final shot at the back of Mule’s head, then gets up, thinking Franzen will forgive him and just go on celebrating the win. However…


What a statement that game was. In Chicago’s house, down 2, biased officiating and coming away with a win. Detroit hockey.