He’s Mean.. And He’ll Blast Through Your Screen!

Tonight we play a Jamie Benn-less Dallas Stars.  Personally, I hate almost everyone who has two first names…


…I said ALMOST everyone.

Detroit rolls into Big D tonight after laying the smack down on Buffalo last night.  But playing on back-to-back nights with 1,200 miles of travel in between is tough no matter how easy the game was the night before.

Detroit has had the upper-hand in the series thus far, taking both games from the Stars by a combined score of 10-6.

Don’t let the Ricky Bobby picture fool you, resident artiste Josh Howard has something much more grand in store for tonight’s movie poster.

It would be a “Big mistake” not to make the jump.

“Rubber baby buggy bumpers…ha!  I bet you didn’t know I was going to say that!”

Another work of art, eh?  Personally, I give Arnie kudos for making a film that pokes fun at his other films…having a sense of humor about yourself certainly helped save Hugh Grant’s career.

We need to take care of business tonight.  St. Louis is racking up points faster than Kelly Clarkson is gaining weight…and Chicago isn’t too far behind either…nor Nashville for that matter.  It’s actually quite ridiculous how good (most) of the Central Division is this year.  We don’t seem to be getting help from anyone around the league playing these three teams.  Hopefully, the Rangers can take out the Predators tonight at Madison Square Gardens.  Chicago and St. Louis both have the night off so Detroit can take sole possession of the Central Division lead and should Vancouver lose, first place in the Western Conference.

Let’s go Red Wings.

…and to those Kelly Clarkson sympathizers…I lost all respect for her when she waved those ham hocks in front of me during a Toyota commercial…I’m not happy about Lidstrom doing a Honda commercial, but they sponsor the NHL and I can’t really argue that fact.  Let’s focus on what’s really important tonight – and that is getting two points come hell or high water.

Again – Let’s go Red Wings.