Helm Hoping to Be Back Soon

For a site named after one Darren Helm, there’s been a dearth of discussion of him lately.  Partly because Drew’s been in and out around here and he’s the one with the well deserved man-crush on #43.  But partly because Helmer’s been out for a while.  But today, we got some good news on the kid

Detroit Red Wings general manager Ken Holland said center Darren Helm might start skating by the end of the week, or early next week.

“We still expect he’s going to be ready in the first round of the playoffs; not Game 1, but anytime from Game 2 on,” Holland said. “He’s done pretty good healing the last nine days.”

I know the fans and the team have missed Helmer.  Both on the penalty kill and on the forecheck.  Helmer brings a level of aggressiveness that is missing without him, all due respect to Abdelkader.  And recently, his play offensively has been impressive as well. 

More after the break:

“We know how significant this injury can be if you (re-injure) it and be out even longer,” Helm said. “We’re going to try push it so I can get back quicker, but not going to rush it too much.”

Helm said on Friday the knee is stiff, lacking range of motion.

“You can feel it getting tight when it gets past the point of being comfortable,” he said.

I’m not super knowledgeable on injuries, but I just hope he doesn’t come back too early to reinjure it.  However, we need the kid back in the lineup for a chance for us to really out-class our opposition.