Heading Home

So heading back to Detroit, we can’t complain.  1-1.  

And, strangely, the team which has played better both games hasn’t come out on top.  I didn’t think Detroit played to their potential last night, but they did a few things well. 

First, they took advantage of their chances.  This was simply because they didn’t try to play too fancy and shot the damn puck, rather than something pretty.  

Second, they swarmed their own net well.  Sure they allowed a lot of shots, but very few of those were rebound shots.  Detroit did a great job tying up sticks and getting the puck out of the zone. 

Anyone notice how physical Johnny E was?  Good for the gentle giant. 

Finally, I know it’s been said a lot, but damn, you gotta give credit to Bertuzzi.  You know who else did? 

Boom.   Ball is in our court now.  Let’s do this.