Heading for a Showdown

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Tonight, we play St. Louis – one of the NHL hottest teams in the second quarter of the season.  They trail us in the standings by just one measely point AND they have a game in-hand.  Which means…if we take St. Louis down tonight in regulation – it would give us a little breathing room.

I know, I know…beat a team in regulation?  That’s for quakers!  The Wings have gone to OT or the shootout four times in this six game winning streak…our boys have been making it hard on themselves.

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Hopefully, Babcock got the lackluster out of them after Saturday’s game against the Blue Jackets.  We got away with playing like dog crap against the last place team…good teams win when they play bad.  But we better get up and get ready for the game tonight or we’ll be in trouble.

In the good news department, #40 will be suiting up tonight as Zetterberg was not suspended for his collision with Nikita Nikitin on Saturday:

“The puck went down to the corner and I chased down their defenseman. I had my hand on his back. I don’t think I pushed him hard. He went down. It looked bad, it looks really bad, so I can’t blame the referee for giving me five minutes.” –Henrik Zetterberg

That quote via Khan(!) who reported that Brendan Shanahan felt that there was no intent from Zetterberg to injure Nikitin and therefore – no supplemental discipline.

It’s not surprising – but it is certainly welcome news for the Wings who have a big game against a division rival tonight.  The Blues have gained only one point on us in the past 10 games, but considering Detroit has gone 8-2-0…that’s pretty impressive.  But St. Louis is known for snatching up at least that loser point (6) just like Chicago.  Detroit’s lone single loser point is the lowest in the NHL.

We need to take them down in regulation.  I want that three point cushion.  I know it’s early…but I want that extra point.

We’re riding a 16 home game winning streak and you better believe those Bitter Blues will be salivating at the thought of breaking the streak.  They’ll come out hungry tonight…we need to come out hungrier.

With a historical streak on the line, not to mention the Division, Conference, and League lead hanging in the balance – against a Divisional Rival, no less – if you can’t get up for this game, then get the hell out of the way to make room for someone who can.

Big game tonight…Let’s Go Red Wings.