Happy Hudler’s Excellent Adventure 7

Its that time again! Happy Hudler keeps showing us why too much fun, lack of practicing and lower level of play was the reason it took him an entire season to return to the Happy we all know.

Good to have you back Happy. NOW SHOOT MORE!

Click the jump for this weeks evidence

5 million tax free buys you a lot of sweet rides. here is one of them…
Its important to take the time to treat yourself, and your pets. Here is Happy at his glamor shots…
Oh Happy! Seen here holding up the leaning tower of Pisa. How creative…
Here he is earning his tug-o-war patch…
Everyone has a little nerd in them. Some more than others…
And seen here with his Russian billet family. They do things a bit different over there…

There you have it. Check back next week for more crazy adventures from everyone’s favorite Czech.

If you or anyone you know has any evidence they would like to share let us know.